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Bike service at Grove Street Bicycles

Repair Services

Prices do not include parts.

Brake Services

Brake adjustment (front or rear)
Brake adj. w/ cable install (front or rear)
Brake install (front or rear)
Brake adjustment BMX (front or rear)
Brake install disc (front or rear)
Brake shoe install (front or rear)
Brake shoe install disc (front or rear)
Brake bleed (front or rear)
Brake install (hydro) (front or rear)
Disc rotor true (front or rear)
Safety lever install

Shifting Services

Derailleur adjustment (front or rear)$20.00
Derail. adj. w/ cable install (front or rear)$25.00
Derailleur install (front or rear)$25.00
Shifter overhaul (front or rear)$25.00
Shifter install (front or rear)$25.00

Cable install internal (front or rear)$25.00

Accessories Install

Kickstand install$12.00
Training wheel install$15.00
Light set install$12.00
Peg install$10.00
Rack install$20.00
Baby seat install$25.00
Bar end install$12.00
Fender set install$25.00
Clip on bar install$20.00

Wireless computer install$20.00
Wired computer install$20.00

Wireless cadence computer install$20.00

Wired cadence computer install$25.00

Basket install front$15.00

Basket install rear$15.00

Handlebar Services

Tape handlebars
Handlebar install road$45.00
Handlebar install MTB$25.00
Handlebar install BMX$20.00
Stem install$20.00
Grip install$10.00

Shock Services

Suspension maintenance (per hour)$80.00
Suspension pivot maintenance (per hour)$80.00

Headset Services

Headset adjustment$20.00
Headset overhaul$45.00
Headset install$25.00
Headset star nut install$12.00

Frame Services

Face head tube$45.00
Face bottom bracket$45.00
Face disc mount rear$35.00
Face disc mount front$35.00
Chase bottom bracket threads$55.00
Replace derailleur hanger$35 - $45
Tap derailleur hanger$25.00
Derailleur hanger alignment$25.00
Ream derailleur hanger add insert$25.00
Frame saver treatment$25.00

Wheel Services

Fix flat / install tire off bike $22.00 & up
Fix flat / install tire (front or rear)$22.00 & up
True wheel basic (front or rear)$25.00
True wheel / replace spoke (front or rear)$35.00 & up
Wheel build$100.00
Wheel install (rear)$40.00
Tubeless install (front or rear)$25.00
Mount tubular (front or rear)$45.00
Hub adjustment (front or rear)$45.00
Hub overhaul (front or rear)$20.00
Drill presta rim to schrader$7.00
Clean rim surface$10.00

Drivetrain Services

Bottom bracket adjustment$45.00
Bottom bracket overhaul
Install bottom bracket$30.00
Chain install
$15.00 & up
Chain install tandem
Chain lube / clean
Freewheel clean / lube$15.00
Crank install$20.00
Chainring install$25.00
Chainring install BMX$20.00
Cassette / freewheel install$25.00
Pedal install$15.00
Tap pedal threads in crank arm$20.00

Assembly Services

Assemble kids bikes coaster$55.00
Assemble new bike (boxed)$90.00
Assemble single-speed (no brakes)$75.00
Assemble tandem$125

Shipping Services

Box bike for shipping$90.00
Box frame for shipping$45.00
Box tandem for shipping$100.00

Fork Services

Fork install threadled$35.00
Fork install threadless$35.00
Cut threadless fork$25.00
Face crown race$25.00
Star nut install$15.00
Align drop outs$45.00

Miscellaneous Services

Cleat/pedal install$15.00
Cut / remove lock$25.00
Cut seatpost$15.00
Disposal of unwanted bike$10.00
Minimum labor charge$15.00
Rush charge$35.00
Car trunk rack install$30.00
Car roof rack install$60.00
Supplies / environmental fee$2.00
Removal of seized parts (per hour)$60.00
Insurance quote$20.00
Chain on saddle$15.00
Bike box$15.00

Labor Services

Single-speed tune up$80.00
BMX tune up$75.00
Tandem tune up$125.00
Tandem overhaul$200.00
Custom bike build$250.00
Custom BMX build$120.00
Lifetime credit$20.00